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XP-Pen 22R Pro - creative graphic drawing tablet

XP-Pen 22R Pro
Graphics Drawing Tablet

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XP-Pen 22R Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet

Unleash your creative potential with the XP-Pen 22R Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet

Draw, design, 3D model, animate and more on the XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro graphics drawing tablet.  Most importantly, the large 21.5 inch display and striking 1080 pixel resolution allows you to effortlessly create in brilliant colour.

The 22R Pro is the first tablet of this kind that supports a USB-C to USB-C connection. This allows you to connect your Mac or PC that supports USB-C input to the 22R Pro without the need for other adaptors.

Creativity in brilliant colour

The 22R Pro graphics drawing tablet has a full high-definition display, with a stunning colour accuracy of 88% NTSC. As a result, you can add brilliance with exquisite detail and vibrant colour.

XP-Pen 22R Pro graphics drawing tablet - change the angle to suit you

A fine stylus for an incredible drawing experience

The battery-free stylus provides up to 60 degrees tilt with superior line performance.  As a result you can create the finest sketches and lines!

With the latest innovative technology, the 22R Pro even allows you to draw with a more precise cursor position at the four corners for an incredible drawing experience.

Designed to help you create more

22R Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet - create more!

The XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro features two easy-to-control dial wheels and 20 customisable shortcut keys that are conveniently placed on both sides, which makes it equally accessible for left and right-handed users.

An incredibly versatile graphics drawing tablet

Equipped with the USB Hub and integrated adjustable stand enabling you to connect your mouse or other devices, while changing your working angle more quickly and easily.  Also, the specially-designed pen slot on the front side provides quick and safe access to your pen.

The XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro supports Windows® 10/8/7, Mac OS X® 10.10 and higher. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, SAI®, CDR®, GIMP®, Krita®, Medibang®, Fire Alpaca®, Blender® 3D and more.

XP-Pen 22R Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet - an incredibly versatile solution

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